GGL CSGO - 2v2 Retakes Tournament FREE w/Cash Prizes

Guam Gaming League
  •   2 команда Double Elimination
  •   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  •   September 30, 2017 за 3:00 PM ChST
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Guam Gaming League - CSGO 2 vs 2 Retakes Tournament

Tournament Date: September 30 2017 @ 3:00 PM - Chamorro Time Zone

Check in is required inbetween 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

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Tournament Info


It is mandatory to join GGL's Discord for tournament match scheduling atleast 1 day before tournament date and during the tournament. 

GGL Discord: (

You can download Discord from the official site at (

More Info


1st Place: $20 via PayPal

2nd Place: $10 via PayPal

3rd Place: $5  via PayPal


No cheating. Players who are found to have any evidence of cheating will be immediately disqualified.

Match format is best of 30 rounds with no play out. (First team to 16 wins.) 

All players must be ready to play when called upon from the GGL Discord server. Players who are not present in the server and ready to play within 5 minutes of their match being ready will be subject to forfeit.

Each team will have one 2 minute timeout to call during their match.

Any personal negative messages to opposing player in the chat may result in a force forfeit.


Maps pool:

Round 1: Mirage

Round 2: Train

Round 3: Dust 2

Round 4: Inferno

Round 5: Cache

Round 6: Overpass

Round 7: Cobblestone

Finals: Best of 3 with Map Veto

We are trying to grow the CSGO and PC Gaming Community on Guam and welcome anyone from Guam or any near islands to join us on discord as well.

Match's will be played 1 at a time. Players will be able to spectate on the Twitch Stream @ until their match is ready.

Anyone wanting to practice/warm-up or even just get use to the smooth 128 tickrate Guam located servers brought to you by GGL you can search for our servers in the "Browse Community Servers" Internet Tab in-game CSGO or visit

Thank you to all who are participating and spectating!

Good luck and have fun!


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